Benefits of Apple



Cures both diarrhea and constipation


APPLE Treatment

A treatment with apples is done by eating as the only food two kilos of apples a day consecutive days. The apples may be eaten raw, as apple sauce, baked or cooked but without additional sweetners.

This treatment is ideal to cleanse the bowel, to detoxify the liver and to lower high blood pressure.




(The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your Physician or other health care professional. These are the forgotten recipes compiled by the author H.K. Bakhru an expert naturopath of India.)


FOOD VALUE Minerals and Vitamins


Moisture 84.6% Calcium 10mg

Protein 0.2% Phosphorus 14mg

Fat 0.5% Iron 1mg

Minerals 0.3% Vitamin A 40 Int’l unit

Fiber 1.0% Small amounts of

Carbohydrates 13.4% Vitamin E, H and B complex




The skin of the apple should not be discarded as it contains vitamin C and A.

A n a e m ia

Freshly prepared apple juice taken daily half an hour before meals and just before

going to bed.

C o n s t i p a t i o n and D i a r r h o e a

Raw apples are good for constipation. At least two apples should be taken daily for

evacuation of bowels. Cooked or baked apples are good for diarrhea.

D y s e n t e r y

Ripe and sweet apples should be crushed into pulp and given to the children several

times a day, from one to four tablespoonfuls, according to age.

S t o m a c h D i s o r d e r s

The mashed apple sprinkled with honey may be eaten except for the stem and seeds,

several times between meals.

Shredded apple, mixed with a tablespoon of honey and sprinkled with sesame seeds,

is an excellent stomach tonic and an appetizer.

H e a d a c h e

A ripe apple, remove the upper rind and the inner hard portion should be taken with

a little salt every morning on empty stomach, regularly for at least a week.

R h e u m a t i c A f f l i c t i o n

Apples are regarded an excellent food medicine for gout, arthritis and rheumatism

especially when these diseases are caused by uric acid poisoning. The malic acid

contained in them is believed to neutralize the uric acid and give relief. Apples, boiled

to jelly, make a very good liniment for rheumatic pains. They should be rubbed on

the affected area.

E y e D i s o r d e r

The apple peel water is an excellent medicine for the inflamed eyes both as a beverage and as eyewash. This beverage is prepared by putting the peelings in a pan, well

Covered with water. The water should be brought to boiling point and allowed to simmer gently for a few minutes. The water should then be strained off and some honey is

Added to it.

The over-ripe apples are useful as poultice for sore eyes. The pulp is applied over the closed eyes and is held in position with a bandage. It is allowed to remain there for one to two hours.

D e n t a l D I s o r d e r s

Dr. T. T Hanks in his book, Dental Survey, says, ” Apples have mouth cleansing property

that no other fruit possesses, and taken after meals they have the same effect as a tooth brush in cleansing the teeth

These are the forgotten recipes of Grandmothers, and may not be supported by scientific proof , of Medicinal Secrets of your foods.








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