Secrets of a healthy body and mind lies in your stomach

If all attempts to flatten your belly have failed, then read this!!

Do you have Stomach pain? Or indigestion? Or bloating? Or constipation?

1. Remove toxins from the colon and the kidneys

The best way to naturally cleanse the colon is through the promotion of bowel regularity, and this can be achieved through the daily intake of the proper combination of dietary fibers. Consume a variety of fibers, such as Prunes, Apricots, Figs, Goya, or PSYLLIUM HUSK (SAT-ISABGOL).

The vegetable juice, such as from Celery, Dandelion etc., will help in smoothening the intestines.

2. Beans cooked with water and olive oil is an old recipe which helps bowel movement.

3. Another way of making the stool soft and increasing the bowel movement is eating a few prunes in the night and flushing it down with green tea or with a warm glass of water.

4. Digestive System Disorders

Pearl barley has always been used by oriental traditional physicians for healing and rejuvenation of the digestive system for over 1400 years. A simple, yet effective folk remedy was to make a barley brew and sip throughout the day, while restricting the intake of other foods. This folk remedy has helped many people even to this day.

The barley brew is prepared by boiling one-quarter cup of all natural pearled barley in about 2.5 liters of water. When the water has boiled down to about 1.25 liters, it should be strained carefully. This all- natural barley brew helps digestive rejuvenation in two ways. It has a demulcent or soothing response and relieves the burning digestive actions. It has also a mucilaginous response and introduces a natural oily substance which helps to protect the abraded mucous membrane of the digestive system. Once the digestive system is thus soothed and healed, it can promote better assimilation of foods.

Make a habit of going to the toilet twice a day. First thing in the morning and before going to bed. While sitting on the toilet do the following exercises. Bend your feet so that the heels are up and the weight is on the toes.

  • Massage your stomach in circular way moving from right to left (see figure 1), then raise your hands up and stretch them (see figure 2) to make the position of intestines straight in order to flush the waste down the colon and small intestines.
  • Exercise while sitting and waiting for bowel movement and avoiding the feeling to force the waste.
  • Figure 3. Imagine you have in front of you a barrel with handles on both sides. Stretch and hold the handles and start rotating in forward motion (see figure 3), after few moves the gasses from the upper part of the stomach will come out. When you notice all that has to come out from upper stomach is achieved move to second part of exercise.
  • Figure 4. Now imagine a smaller drum near your feet with two handles. Bend down to hold the handles which are close to floor, lift the handle imagining it to be heavy, rotate in upward direction away from the toilet, till the waste from the lower portion of stomach is ejected (see figure 4). Stomach is pressed by thighs help the movement of waste from the lower portion of abdomen to move down and eject.
  • Finally, wash ANUS with warm water forcing water in with hand thus cleaning any waste left in pockets in and around anus.

5. Holding in stool response to nature makes the rotten food residue dried and hardens it cause constipation and many stomach disorders.

6. Most importantly eat without over burdening the colon

Green Tea warm or water to swallow the food in small quantity is good for the digestive system. Better drink a glass or two of water 15 minutes before eating. Cold water during meal should be avoided. Please visit web site and learn the benefits of Food and Exercises to have a healthy body and mind.

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