Fresh or dry fruits and vegetables are natural staple food for man. They contain substantial quantities of essential nutrients in a rational proportion. They are excellent sources of minerals, vitamins and enzymes. They are easily digested and have a cleansing effect on the blood and digestive tract. People who enjoy living on natural diet will always enjoy good health. Moreover, the ailments caused by the intake of unnatural foods can be successfully treated by food.

Prepare your daily dietary chart and live a healthy life

APPLE (Fruits)

Food Value Minerals and Vitamins

Moisture 81.6% Calcium 10 mg

Protein 0.2 % Phosphorus 14 mg

Fat 0.5 % Iron 1 mg

Minerals 0. 3 % Vitamin A 40 IU

Fiber 1.0 % Small amount of

Carbohydrates 13.4 % Vitamin E, H and B complex

Values per 100 gms edible portion Calorific Value – 59

ASPARAGUS (Vegetables) 

Food Value Minerals & Vitamins

Moisture 93.0% Calcium 22mg

Protein 2.2% Phosphorus 62mg

Fat 0.2% Magnesium 20mg

Fiber 0.7% Iron 1.0mg

Carbohydrates 3.9% Vitamin A 900IU

Vitamin C 33mg

Small amount of Vitamin B Complex

Value per 100 gms edible portion Calorific Value – 59

BARLEY (Grain Cereals)

Food Value Minerals & Vitamins

Moisture 12.5% Calcium 26mg

Protein 11.5% Phosphorus 215mg

Fat 1.3% Iron 3mg

Fibre 1.2% Vitamin C 5mg

Minerals 3.9% Small amount of

Carbohydrates 69.6% Vitamin B Complex

Value per 100 gms edible portion Calorific Value – 336

PULSES (Chick-pea)

Food Value Minerals & Vitamins

Moisture 9.8% Calcium 202 mg

Protein 17.1% Phosphorus 312mg

Fat 5.3% Iron 10.2mg

Minerals 3.0% Vitamin C 3mg

Fibre 3.9% Small amount of

Carbohydrates 60.9% Vitamin B Complex

Value per 100 gms edible portion Calorific Value – 336


They are rich in many minerals such as potassium the healer, sodium the preserver of youth, calcium and phosphorus which are essential for strong bones and teeth and sulphur which purifies and activates the body. Raw nuts are generously supplied with vitamin B, which are valuable for the brain and nervous system as well as vitamin F needed for all round development.

Seeds contain pacifarins, an antibiotic resistance factor, which increases man’s natural resistance to disease. They also contain auxins, natural substance which help produce vitamins in the body and play an important role in the rejuvenation of cells, thereby preventing premature ageing.


FOOD Value Mineral & Vitamins

Moisture                           5.2%                       Calcium                           230mg

Protein                            20.8%                       Phosphorus                     490mg

Fat                                   58.9%                       Iron                                   4.5mg

Minerals                           2.9%                       Niacin                                4.4mg

Fiber                                 1.7%                        Small amount of

Carbohydrates              10.5%                            Vitamin B Complex

 Value per 100 gms edible portion                                                   Calorific Value – 665

InshALLAH (God willing) we will continue regular information to help you make your dietary chart.

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