Grandmother Recipe for flu, congestion, cough, Infection





One tea spoon cumin (zeera)

One tea spoon Black Seed (kalonji)

one tea spoon Cinnamon

2 1/2 tea spoon Black pepper

Garlic slices or 2 tea spoon powder

Ginger slices or tea spoon Powder

2 tea spoon of fennel (Sounf)


Take two cups of water in a container and boil the above ingredients till the two cups become one. Let it cool down to a temperature that it should be warm enough to drink, pour it in glass with one table spoon of good honey stir well and drink it.

Note: Increase the quantity of ingredients proportionately and water. Store it in a container drink ¼ cup two to three times a day make it sure it is warm. This will help to clear chest congestion and respiratory system. Honey to sweeten for children.

It should be taken first thing in the morning. But before you take this mixture please gargle with salt and warm water a few times, then rinse your nostril by taking water from left nostril and blowing out from the right nostril, then from right to left nostril till you feel it is cleared. Insha’Allah, it will cure the flu by regular use.


2. Take 3 to4 large dried grapes(Munaqa) remove the seeds replace with whole pepper and chew

Note: These are the old forgotten recipes. Consult a qualified Naturopath or your Doctor

Before using it.


Recipe (Chicken Soup)

Chicken bones specially from legs and neck

Few pieces black peppercorn, clove, white cumin seeds, black ilaichi(cardamom) turmeric powder, onion

Ginger pieces, garlic pieces, tomato, fuzzy squash

chicken bones 1kg, water 10 cups, turmeric 1 tsp, salt to taste, clove 2, black pepper whole 5, onion 1 cut into big cubes, tomato 1 cut into big pieces, ginger juliennes 1 tsp, and garlic cloves, fuzzy squash 1 cut into big pieces



Cook in lot of hot water for one or two hours strain when cold drink ¼ cup two to three times a day


Recipe for flu (stored in a jar)

1 orange sliced

1 lemon sliced

4 inches’ ginger sliced

1 teaspoon Teremic powder

4 teaspoon honey

Mix them well; put them in a jar. Whenever flu comes take 1 tea spoon in a cup with hot water and drink.


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